The Niles Ferry Wastewater Treatment Plant was originally a 300,000 gallon per day plant built in 1981 by Monroe County. TASS operated the plant for Monroe County on a contract basis, until 2004, when TASS assumed ownership. Due to developmental growth in the area and the need for a bigger facility to accommodate future growth, construction started in 2008 for an expansion. In April 2011, construction was completed, making the Niles Ferry Wastewater Treatment Plant a 2,000,000 gallon per day plant. Our Wastewater Treatment Plant is a grade 4 facility. It utilizes extended aeration (oxidation ditch), biological process and is capable of aerobic/anoxic treatment for the removal of organic and many nutrient pollutants. Treated effluent is disinfected through an ultraviolet chamber and then discharged into the Tellico Lake, meeting effluent treatment standards. Our operators are well trained and committed to safely and effectively meeting or exceeding state regulations to ensure that we are putting the highest quality water back into our environment.


For a list of certified installers for grinder pumps and installation instructions, please contact our office by calling 865-856-3530.

The Dirty Truth about Flushable Wipes

We wrote this informative article about the dangers of flushable wipes to our wastewater systems.  We urge you to read this article and to get informed.